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A collection of reputable resources on all things vaccination. 



The Lancet Infectious Diseases on viral load and transmission

Potentially the largest cohort study supports the hypothesis that viral load is a significant pre-determinant of Covid-19 transmission. 


Data from Israel indicates vaccination can reduce viral load

Early data from large-scale Covid-19 vaccination in Israel suggests a positive relationship between vaccination and reduced viral load. (Note this study is yet to be peer-reviewed). 

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Neutralizing antibody levels are highly predictive of immune protection from symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection

A study published by Nature Medicine showing a positive relationship between neutralization level and protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection. 

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How pandemics strengthen links between viruses and autoimmunity

Observations during and after pandemics help researchers learn how viral infections trigger a sustained immune attack in the body.

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The Economist

- The Jab

A well-researched series from the Economist providing a global perspective on pandemic policy & economic impacts. 

British Medical Journal (BMJ) - Talk Medicine 

The British Medical Journal produces regular programmes balancing evidence-based thinking with practical insights with a UK focus. This episode explores data & decision-making underpinning the UK vaccination programme. Updated weekly. 


London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

- LSHTM Viral

LSHTM focuses on the science behind public and global health, and solutions to improve health and health equity worldwide. 'Viral' focuses specifically on the Covid-19 pandemic. 

- BBC Inside Science

A weekly programme that illuminates the mysteries and challenges the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.

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