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For Healthcare Providers & Organisations

Be part of a digital ecosystem supporting patients on their immune health journey and simplify vaccine administration for your organisation


Help your patients stay better protected & run your practise more efficiently

Imunis can help you more efficiently and effectively manage the immune health of your patients by digitising vaccine and immune health history and the schedules underpinning vaccine recommendations in different jurisdictions.

Join a network of healthcare professions providing better immune care to their patients and enabling patients to access digital records for themselves and their families, across all vaccine-preventable diseases (including associated immunity tests)
Access the Imunis Clinic Portal, with smart vaccine and dose recommendations based on official vaccine schedules, reducing the risk of out-dated recommendations, making your consultations more efficient and allowing more time for effective patient-healthcare professional conversations
Reduce queries & administration associated with outdated paper records and provide better immune health education to your patients

Our Solutions

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Family sharing

Simplify family immune health management and empower future generations with complete immune health history

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Enhanced patient trust

Demonstrate commitment to portable patient records, accessible immune health information & the most current vaccine recommendations

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Security and privacy

Patient consent-driven sharing within a secure and privacy-preserving platform across-the community

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Clinic efficiency features

Reduce data re-keying, patient recalls, & paper record handling


“[Schedule changes] can make it very difficult for healthcare providers to stay current with immunization schedules”

“Fragmentation of patient care makes it more likely that providers will not have complete immunisation records for patients currently in their care. This leads to both incomplete immunization and over-immunization.”

(Journal of Family Practice)

(Journal of Family Practice)

‘The main parental barriers to vaccination include confusion and difficulty in tracking vaccination schedules; lack of awareness regarding the importance of vaccines, missing due dates…it has been revealed that 32.9% and 26.6% of the reasons of infants missing vaccinations were due to prior reminders not being given to parents, and parents’ forgetfulness respectively’

(Journal of Infection & Public Health)

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