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Transforming how we record, track and share immune health data

Our Mission

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The imunis

imunis is a patient and medical professional collaboration.  It started life in response to the challenges experienced first-hand by a Hong Kong-based patient in dealing with traditional paper records and medical systems.

Even as an organised parent, it's easy to miss a vaccine and put your child, family and community at risk. It's similarly not uncommon to need to repeat vaccinations due to poor or absent paper records. And the vast majority of adults have very low awareness of their own vaccination status despite an ongoing recommendation to vaccinate during a lifetime.  

Medical providers the world over face an ever-growing challenge to keep their patients protected while grappling with paper records, systems that don't easily cater for the patient's life journey, and vaccine recommendations that change with increasing frequency. This adds risk and cost to health systems. 

Imunis empowers the patient to make immune-health decisions at the right time, and enables medical providers to focus their time on high-value patient care.

Challenges for doctors and patients with vaccination records

The whole space of vaccine and immunity test records is challenging for patients and medical providers alike. Imunis has partnered with Central Health Medical Group and here some of their medical providers and patients talk about their experiences.

We undertook some quite significant research and there were many pain-points for different stakeholders in the system that were ultimately increasing infectious disease risk and increasing costs. A well-designed digital solution can make a meaningful difference to these two outcomes, and vaccines touch most peoples' lives at some point. We started the journey before the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and obviously, it's only become more relevant so we're excited to make a difference for patients, medical professionals, and the wider community.
Emma Holcroft, Co-Founder, Imunis

The team

Emma Holcroft


Emma spent over 12 years leading large-scale technology transformations with Accenture across Europe and Asia. She's lived and worked in the UK, France, Malaysia & Hong Kong. She’s undertaken pro-bono work with Twins Foundation UK and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, London. 

Andrew Farmer

Technology Advisor

Andy is a senior digital banking executive with deep expertise in creating, building, testing, launching and operating digital banks. Most recently launched Mox Bank, one of Hong Kong's most innovative and fast-growing virtual banks, transforming the customer experience and setting the blue print for the growing global virtual banking market. CIO Asean 2020 Top 50 leaders.

Lucy Lord



Dr. Lucy Lord is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and, together with Dr Rulin Fuong, a founding Partner of Central Health Medical Group. The Group has extensive experience of vaccination across general practise, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology She's worked as a lecturer and chairs Mind Hong Kong, the mental health charity. 

Kevin Campbell

CTO & Data Architect

A seasoned technologist with deep expertise in data architecture. Led data architecture for Mox Bank and held previous roles as Chief Technology Officer for Alvanon. University of Edinburgh, Computer Science & AI.

Together we work with a highly experienced team of medical, technology & other specialists


Medical Partners

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Central Health Medical Group is one the largest doctor-owned international primary healthcare practises in Hong Kong. It was started 30 years ago by a group of British, American and Australian trained doctors. It comprises 3 clinics providing multi-disciplinary primary healthcare including family medicine, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics & travel medicine. Many of its doctors and nursing staff have worked in centres of excellence around the world, and it typically sees 90,000 patient visits per year from a diverse community. 


Technology Partners

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Digital Asset (DA) is the leading smart contract technology company trusted by the world's biggest enterprises for mission critical applications. Digital Asset’s premier innovation is Daml, the open source smart contract language that simplifies multi-party workflows across infrastructures, the cloud, and multiple persistence layers. 

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