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What We're Reading

What We're Reading


The Lancet Infectious Diseases on viral load and transmission

Potentially the largest cohort study supports the hypothesis that viral load is a significant pre-determinant of Covid-19 transmission. Can we assume reducing viral load might help reduce transmission? 


Data from Israel indicates vaccination can reduce viral load

Early data from large-scale Covid-19 vaccination in Israel suggests a positive relationship between vaccination and reduced viral load. (Note this study is yet to be peer-reviewed). 

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The Surge of Bells Palsy in the Covid-Pandemic Era

The International Journal of Head and Neck Surgery on a potential correlation between the Covid-19 pandemic and an increase in reported Bells Palsy cases. Bells Palsy is a potential negative side-effect of vaccination, but might our risk also be elevated by Covid itself? 

What We're Listening To

BMJ Talk Medicine on JCVI Decision-Making

We hold BMJ Talk Medicine in high regard for its evidence-based thinking balanced with practical insights. This episode explores data & decision-making underpinning the UK vaccination programme. 

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