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Simplify family health and rely on imunis to keep you on track

Despite advances in global health, it's never been more important to make informed decisions about family health. 

Vaccination is a cornerstone of preventative health, and we now have vaccines for over 30 diseases. But in recent years, there's been a global reduction in vaccination rates, and an increase in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease, often in places we might not expect to find them. The impact of travel makes this a potential issue for all of us, and means it's more important than ever that we are informed and up-to-date with preventative family health. 


How imunis helps


"Vaccines are the tugboats of preventive health."

- William Foege

‘The main parental barriers to vaccination include confusion and difficulty in tracking vaccination schedules; lack of awareness regarding the importance of vaccines, missing due dates…it has been revealed that 32.9% and 26.6% of the reasons infants miss vaccinations were due to prior reminders not being given to parents, and parents forgetfulness respectively’

(Journal of Infection & Public Health)

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