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For Patients

Say goodbye to paper vaccination records. Imunis digitises your family immune health journey to protect you and your loved ones


Do you know your immune status? 

Despite living in a digital world, the vast majority of us rely on paper records or fragmented data sources to track vaccinations for ourselves and families. Vaccination records are complicated and can be difficult to interpret, even for medical professionals. This poses patient and medical professional challenges which ultimately increase our risk of infectious disease, and cost of healthcare.

Our Solution:

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"Vaccines are the tugboats of preventive health."

- William Foege

‘The main parental barriers to vaccination include confusion and difficulty in tracking vaccination schedules; lack of awareness regarding the importance of vaccines, missing due dates…it has been revealed that 32.9% and 26.6% of the reasons of infants missing vaccinations were due to prior reminders not being given to parents, and parents forgetfulness respectively’

(Journal of Infection & Public Health)

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Family Sharing

Keep track of your family’s vaccination health in one place. Add dependants and share securely with other trusted guardians. Pass authenticated & complete immune health records down to the next generation for empowered healthcare

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Secure records

Secure storage, access and sharing. Consent-driven & transparent sharing, managed by you. Share only the necessary information, protecting your and your family's sensitive healthcare data 

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Easy access to helpful features

Find a vaccine provider prices, brand information. Book appointments

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