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imunis simplifies vaccine record-keeping & digitally connects a trusted eco-system to help keep everyone safe

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imunis is a patient App offered in collaboration with medical providers to collate digital, verified vaccine and immunity test records for you and your family, and keep you on track with future vaccination recommendations

Patient-centric, but medically-informed and evidence-based
Know which doses to take when, and stay current with changing recommendations
Manage the immune health of your family members in one place

Provides you with a joined-up digital version of your records between medical providers 
Share your status easily and securely with schools, employers & other legitimate organisations 
Control your data

How imunis can help you

For Patients

Simplify your and your family's immune health journey with digital, secure record sharing & immune health status. 

For Healthcare Providers

Better records lead to better health outcomes. Empower your patients' immune health journeys while simplifying clinic administration. 

For Schools

Rapidly understand community vaccination status as part of effective risk management protocol. Support families in their immune health journeys with greater efficiency.

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COVID-19 Solutions

imunis offers digital verification & interpretation of multiple official jurisdiction Covid-19 vaccine certificates supported by digital, secure sharing to aid pandemic risk management

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