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For Schools & Communities

Simplify infectious disease risk management for your school and community

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Keep your community safe

Many schools lack the information and tools necessary to manage the risk of infectious disease outbreaks within their communities. The Imunis School Portal is designed to support schools and families on a journey to good immune health and reduce the risk of infectious disease outbreaks. 

Swap paper records for digital, reducing errors and the administrative burden on families and staff involved in rekeying data between systems 
Rely on digitally- and medically-validated records, ensuring authenticity and accuracy
Simplify data sharing for families while maintaining trust and transparency around infectious disease risk procedures and healthcare data privacy & security
Reduce the need for specialist knowledge and information to interpret vaccine records and protocol, both locally and in cross-jurisdictions, and covering all vaccinations


Our Solutions

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"Schools are far more susceptible to outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as influenza, colds, hepatitis B, meningitis and measles, than other environments because students can easily transmit illnesses to one another as a result of their unsophisticated hygiene skills and the dense populations in schools."

(School Crisis and Emergencies, U.S. department of Education)

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Trusted & secure records

Imunis works with medical providers and incorporates global digital frameworks to interpret authentic, accurate immune health records

Efficient and effective

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Remove the need to interpret and rekey data between systems, saving time, cost and avoidable errors

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Simple & secure for families

Easy & secure sharing of family immune health data from clinic to  parent/guardian to school

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Latest vaccine protocol

Imunis Rules Engine maintains the latest infectious disease and vaccine schedule rules across all vaccines and cross-jurisdiction, meaning you don't have to do it yourself

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