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capitalising on immune health discoveries


We work with medical professionals & researchers to share science-backed information on vaccines and immune health so you can make informed decisions about your health.


Our team of medical experts is here to answer your questions about vaccination. Send us any question you may have, and our team will work to provide a validated, digestible response.  

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Science-Backed Insights

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Our Current Research

In addition to our health technology solutions, we also write evidence-based articles and conduct research to help with vaccine insights and education. We are currently researching side effects of Covid-19 vaccination on children aged 12-18 years. Surveys are anonymous and you can check back to our website and social media channels to access the results of our surveys.  You can complete the form below or share the page to send it to friends. 

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Your Questions, Answered

Our FAQs are patient-generated questions with medically-validated answers. Questions can be posted on the Hong Kong Vaccinations facebook group,  and we'll coordinate a medically-verified response to the most popular questions. There is no such thing as a silly question. 


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