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Survey on side effects of Covid-19 childhood vaccination 關於兒童青少年疫苗副作用問卷

Imunis is a patient App offered by medical providers to share digital, verified copies of vaccine and immunity test records for you and your family. We also work with a team of doctors and specialists to produce articles & FAQs to inform people about vaccinations and immune health. More information is available at

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about the way in which children (i.e. people aged 18 years or under who are considered eligible for the vaccine by the Hong Kong government) react to Covid-19 vaccination in Hong Kong. The results are being collated to build a picture of experiences in Hong Kong and will be shared on the website and be available to community members working on the vaccination effort in Hong Kong.

This survey is designed to be completed by parents/guardians of a child that has taken at least one dose of Pfizer BioNTech or Sinovac. It is not designed for people whose children have yet to take a Covid-19 vaccine dose. This survey is also ideally completed at least 48 hours after your child's most recent dose.

Each survey response represents one child only - if you have more than one child, it would be appreciated if you could complete one survey per child for reporting validity.

The survey will take you two minutes to complete. Your response will be completely anonymous. The survey is based on self-reported information. Thank you for taking the time to contribute this valuable information.

Imunis 是一個醫療服務機構提供給有醫療需要人仕的應用程式,可讓您和家人安全地分享電子疫苗接種和抗體測試紀錄。我們亦撰寫以實證為基礎的文章,向公眾提供有關疫苗和免疫健康的資訊。

通過此問卷所得到的回覆,我們希望更深了解新冠疫苗對兒童及青年人(18歲或以下合資格接種疫苗)的身體反應。當综合了您們的問卷答覆後,結果將會在我們的網站 和社交媒體平台上匯報。

此問卷是設計給已接種至少一劑復必泰或科興新冠疫苗的孩子的家長/監護人填寫,並不適合孩子未接種疫苗的家長/監護人填寫。問卷最好在您孩子最近一次接種疫苗至少 48 小時後完成。



2. What is your child's gender? 您的孩子的性別是?
3. Are you currently living in Hong Kong? 您現在居住在香港嗎?
4. What is your child's vaccination status? 您的孩子目前接種冠狀病毒病疫苗了嗎?
6. Did your child experience any side effects after receiving the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine? If yes, what were they? 您的孩子在接種第一劑疫苗後有出現副作用嗎?
10. If your child has been vaccinated twice, which best describes their experience? 如果您的孩子已經接種了兩劑疫苗,以下那一個最能描述他們的經歷?
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