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What is imunis?


Better immune health records, better immune health

Imunis simplifies vaccine record-keeping to keep you up-to-date - always. 

Imunis is a patient App offered by medical providers to share digital, verified copies of vaccine and immunity test records for you and your family

  • Patient-led, but medically-informed and evidence-based

  • Provides you with a joined-up digital version of your records between medical providers 

  • Imunis Immune Status keeps you on track - know which doses to take when, stay current with changing recommendations

  • Share your records easily and securely

  • Control your data

Launching soon with Central Health Medical Group, Hong Kong


How imunis can help you

Do you know your immune status? 

Many of us lack information we can interpret to understand our own immune health status. 


Despite living in a digital world, the vast majority of us rely on paper records or fragmented data sources to track vaccinations for ourselves and families. These pose many patient and medical professional challenges which ultimately increase our risk of infectious disease, and increase the cost of healthcare. Imunis helps you:

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Protect yourself, your family & your community by knowing which vaccines and doses to take when for best protection


Save time, money & anxiety associated with over-vaccination due to poor record-keeping


Know your immune status at any time, and make informed vaccination choices


Simplify your life through patient-friendly features including easy booking, secure digital sharing, high-quality medically-verified vaccine information and more

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Join our Facebook community for discussions, resources, and expert insights on vaccinations via the Hong Kong Vaccination group.

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If you would like to find out more - to sign up as a patient, or to digitally transform your practice as a Clinic, Hospital or Laboratory - contact us below. 

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